BonSculpt (HI-EMT + RF) is a 2 in 1 non-invasive body shaping treatment that uses Radio Frequency heating for fat reduction and HI-EMT (High Energy focused electromagnetic wave) technology to increase muscle up to 25% and fat loss up to 30% over a course of treatments.



  • INCREASE muscles up to 25%, FAT LOSS up to 30%!
  • Stimulate muscle contractions and burns fat naturally
  • 20,000 sit-ups in 30mins
  • No Sweat, No Downtime, No Special Diet
  • Combining 2 technologies HIEMT + RF increase up to 25% muscle and Fat loss of up to 30%
  • Radio Frequency energy breaks down fat cells
  • Latest 2 in 1 slimming and sculpting technology
  • See results in 1st session!
  • Suitable for post pregnancy tummy, belly fats
  • Tones, Firms and slims Tummy, Arms, Thighs, Calf
  • Improved posture by strengthening your core muscles


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