4D HAIR + Thicker and fuller hairs naturally ACNE Clearing Facial Soothe and restore balance to your skin with our latest
bespoke aesthetic treatments, that alleviate mild to severe
skin congestion.
Hair-free Days!
Get Smooth and Silky!
Super Hair removal Effective, Quick, Fuss-free and Pain-less!
Rejuvenate and Revitalize your
skin instantly
Glowy skin with our DPL+ GLOW treatment, specially designed
to give you brighter and smoother skin.
BB MesoBright Facial Perfect curves in no time Get the confidence you’ve always yearned for with our TriPollar
Body Contouring treatment!

Aqua Oxy Facial

Stimulates and regenerates new cells. Promotes skin renewal for instant glow and radiance!

Underarm Whitening

Boost your confidence with MesoBright Underarm Whitening Treatment and look dazzling 24/7!

Eye Treatments

Restore sparkle to your eyes with dedicated eye treatments!

Gua Sha Facial

Slow the aging process with our Gua Sha Facial, a TCM treatment reputed for its incredible beauty and healing properties.