Brighten underarms and reduce melanin production with MESOBRIGHT UNDERARM WHITENING

MesoBright Underarm Whitening is also suited for brightening neck, elbows, kneecaps, and butt cheeks.

Dark underarm patches or hyperpigmentation occurs when there is an excessive production of pigment cells. When skin is inflamed or irritated, say from frequent abrasions, our skin cells naturally produce more melanin in an attempt to protect it.

An excessive production of melanin would result in skin becoming darker. Other factors like chemicals in skincare as well as a buildup of dead skin cells can also contribute to underarm darkening.

Bon Aesthetics’ MesoBright Underarm Whitening is a safe and intensive brightening treatment that effectively lighten hyperpigmentation as well as reduce scarring in skin. Because the underarm skin is thinner and more sensitive, we carefully treat it using active whitening ingredients that are naturally derived and free of harmful chemicals like parabens and alcohols.

Our treatment utilizes the latest Korean Micro-Needle Technique System that ensures a deeper yet safe penetration of active whitening to the dermis. The ability to reach skin’s dermis equates to more effective transdermal action of whitening on melanin cells – achieving skin brightening after just one treatment.

Regular sessions of MesoBright Underarms Treatment will result in progressive lightening of the skin, reducing stubborn discoloration and restoring skin tone. MesoBright Underarm Whitening also incorporates customized infusion of antioxidants comprising Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide among others to boost collagen growth and improve skin texture.

Also suited for brightening neck, elbows, kneecaps, and butt cheeks.


  • Whiter, Clearer, brighter skin
  • Lightens dark spots
  • Restores even skin tone and radiant complexion
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Reduces melanin in skin
  • Increases skin elasticity and hydration

BB Underarm Whitening Trial $48