Improve womb health and vitality with Womb Care Massage Therapy

Do you double over menstrual cramps every month? Or perhaps, you’d like to prevent premature menopause and aging of the womb? Bon Aesthetics’ Womb Care Massage Therapy is a specialised massage therapy for the lower abdomen and pelvic area. The focused treatment aims to relieve tight muscles and tissues and thus promote blood circulation.

Regular womb massage will help towards improving overall womb health including regulating menstrual flow and relieving period cramps, back ache and more. The dedicated massage therapy also promotes health and immunity of the reproductive system.

Womb Care Therapy Benefits:

  • Relieves painful menstruation
  • Reduces back ache & headache
  • Regulates period flow
  • Reduces bloating and indigestion
  • Improves overall womb health
  • Promotes fertility and vitality
  • Protects reproductive system


Only available in Farrer Park City Square Mall and Clementi Grantral Mall
*Trial $98 (45mins) 1st time Ladies customers