Our Signature Facial Treatments are intensive treatments incorporating natural active ingredients and effective techniques to provide for our customers, both men and women, ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Deep Cleansing Facial

The treatment deep-cleanses the pores of your skin and stimulates skin cells turnover, resulting in smoother, clearer skin. A gentle but effective unique double-action exfoliation is designed to unclog congested skin as well as eliminate dead skin cells and physiological wastes. It comprises mechanical action to smoothen and soften skin’s texture. Skin texture becomes refined with closer pores and reduced fine lines.

HydrOcean Facial

A moisturizing and hydrating treatment that utilizes natural extracts to achieve suppleness for skin. It gives a boost to reinforce skin’s mechanism by regulating the skin’s cellular metabolism. Skin is strengthened and becomes healthier. A treatment that helps to maintain skin’s natural properties and preserves its good condition.

Immuni-Calm Facial

The Immuni-Calm treatment comprises synergistic active ingredients that work together to calm all skin irritations and bring ultimate softness and comfort to delicate skin. Suitable for sensitive and ultra-sensitive types that need calming and strengthening of skin’s barrier.

Anti-Aging Facial

An intensive treatment that provides immediate suppleness, hydration and softness. A remodelling, firming and toning treatment to enhance skin elasticity and smoothen fine lines and small wrinkles. The Anti-Aging Facial is ideal for those showing early signs of aging. Skin becomes brightened and softer after each treatment.