Enjoy hair removal maintenance at lower cost with BON Maintain

BON Maintain is an SHR program specially designed for PAST and CURRENT customers who wish to enjoy regular super hair removal maintenance. BON Maintain packages are priced comparatively cheaper, and customers can enjoy savings of up to 55%! Why do you need maintenance sessions?

SHR is an effective treatment for removing unwanted hairs particularly for hairs in the Anagen growth phase. However, because not all hairs are in this phase, we’d need several sessions to ensure that all hairs are covered for that super smooth feeling. At Bon Aesthetics, we optimize our customers’ hair cycle duration and customize treatment intervals to ensure you’re being treated during the Anagen phase for the best results in the shortest time.

To qualify for BON Maintain, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Eligible for customers who have purchased a minimum of two packages (minimum 16 sessions) consecutively treating the same body part (e.g. underarms, chest, etc.).
  • Treatment can only be performed at least 10 weeks apart.
  • There are four sessions per package with one-year expiry period.
  • Bon Aesthetics is not obliged to send reminders to inform customers of package expiry date.
  • Customers are required to be make FULL payment upon signing up.
  • Customers who have purchased FULL BODY, can select any localised area to enjoy (i.e. Only Lower Legs)
  • Applicable to all PAST and CURRENT customers who have fulfilled the criteria.
  • STRICTLY Non-Refundable, Non-Exchangeable and Non-Transferable.

Please enquire directly with our branches for more information.