Minerals : The Building Blocks of Healthier Skin

Our skin, being the largest bodily organ, is often the reflection of how well our body is functioning. When we nourish our body with a balanced, whole-foods diet, we also supply essential nutrients and antioxidants to support cell renewal for beautiful skin. Similarly, an over-indulgence in alcohol or lack of quality sleep can accumulate toxins in our body.

Toxins – typically referring to air pollutants, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, etc. – are paramount in everyday life and these can wreak havoc on our health. Though our body is wired to detoxify naturally through our organs such as liver and kidney, poor diet and lack of exercise can hamper the body’s ability to detox.

Once there is a toxic build-up and our body is unable to eliminate these toxins, this can lead to the proliferation of harmful free radicals, resulting in cellular damage and health issues ranging from diseases, illnesses and various skin problems.

To help skin regain their optimum health, it is important to purge these toxins. To do that, we need minerals. Minerals are essential nutrients needed by the body to function properly; they strengthen the body and skin’s immunity to stay healthy in the face of damaging aggressors such as smoking and UV damage.

Keeping minerals at an optimum level in the body is crucial to regulating tissue growth, repairing cellular damage, encouraging wound healing and promoting healthy skin among other core functions.

On top of introducing diets and supplements containing essential minerals, topical applications with a mineral-rich thermal water is also vital to strengthening skin’s mechanism, keeping it healthy and supple.

Dr Deep Skincare is developed with high concentrations of ionized mineral water, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and plump with their amazing benefits. Dr Deep ionised mineral water has been aged for a long time and is extracted about 870 metres deep from the South Korean Peninsula with stringent cleanliness and safety standards.

What sets Dr Deep’s ionized mineral water apart from other thermal water is its incredibly rich mineral content. Dr Deep’s ionized mineral water contains five times more calcium (5048mg/1L) than a regular cup of milk (1000mg/1L) and calcium is an important mineral – required by the body in large amounts as we age.

Dr Deep mineral water also contains 30 natural minerals with mineral balance that is similar to that of the human body. What this means is that the minerals are better absorbed and permeated through the skin cells; thereby improving the cell structure and strengthening our skin barrier much faster. The 30 natural minerals that abound in all Dr Deep skincare work in synergy to resolve all skin troubles ranging from eczema, photosensitivity, acne and dry, flaking skin, etc.

Some of the core minerals used in Dr Deep Skincare include:

Calcium (Ca) Strengthens and repairs the skin barrier, activates skin moisturizing factor, aids in skin homeostasis and regulates skin functions.

Potassium (K) Controls water balance and PH value in the body and affects toxic waste emissions. Enhances skin’s moisture levels.

Sulfur (S) Reduces inflammation and sebum production, promotes skin healing and delays cell aging.

Zinc (Zn) Helps to prevent acne, control oil production, promote skin elasticity and ward off hair loss by aiding protein synthesis and collagen formation. Prevents formation of free radicals.

Magnesium (Mg) Enhances the skin barrier by involving in skin regeneration and soothes trouble by regulating sebum secretion in alliance with calcium. Reduces acne and hormonal imbalances.

Copper (Cu) Promotes production of collagen and elastin with Zinc and Vitamin C. Supports in the protection of skin from oxidative damage.

Manganese (Mn) Involves in skin regeneration and helps to increase skin immunity.