Get flawless skin with Hanbang Expertise Treatment based on Traditional Korean Medicine

Treat skin conditions the holistic way with Traditional Korean Medicine. Bon Aesthetics’ Hanbang Treatment is specially designed with korean herbal ingredients and unique processes that are tailored to specific skin issues.

The holistic nature of Hanbang Korean Medicine stems from its focus on using unique herbs formulation to treat the root cause of skin conditions. Here at Bon Aesthetics, we use a synergistic blend of Korean herbs including Licorice, Korean Ginseng Root, Korean Goji Berry that are uniquely formulated for improving pigmentation, minimizing fine lines, and hydrating dehydrated skin among others.

Hanbang Treatment Benefits:

  • Deep and lasting hydration
  • Soothes dry, tight skin area
  • Reduces redness and calms skin sensitivity
  • Replenishes skin for a youthful look
  • Reduces sign of aging
  • Reduces and lightens pigments
  • Improves and reinforces skin barrier